Dental Insurance

We are a fee for service dental practice. While 85% of our patients have some form of dental insurance, we are not a participant of any plan. We will process your dental claims and follow up to make sure the maximum benefit was received. We will the bill you for the balance due. Any remaining costs are your responsibility.

Dental insurance does not work like medical insurance. It is more like a “rebate.” Generally the maximum amount of benefits is $1000-1500 per year. According to The NY Times, this benefit has not changed in over 45 years. And these benefits are paid only after certain deductibles are met.

Dentists who participate in dental plans are also restricted by the types of procedures they can perform and the materials they can use. For instance, carriers will often only “allow” an all-metal restoration on a posterior tooth despite the fact that many natural looking ceramic alternatives have existed for the last 15 years.

It is very difficult to practice 2020 dentistry when you are under the yolk of the dental insurance industry. Those dental practices that do are forced to make compromises.